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How can you maintain your your independence in the decision making as you age ?  


We collect information about each client’s specific needs, develop solutions, and implement an action-oriented individualized care plan. Once this care plan is in action, our care managers can  regularly meet with clients and their support systems to ensure that each client receives the care needed to maintain safe, healthy, and independent living.We also help to navigate relocation or downsizing of your home in order to move forward into an Independent, Assisted of nursing home setting. 


Our services are both flexible and highly personalized. During our in-home consultation, one of our professional managers will help you thoroughly assess your individual needs and arrange for the service that would be most appropriate.


With over 60 years of combined experience in the field of senior care we feel that we can guide you through whatever challenges you may face. Call us to schedule an appointment and receive individual attention to your personalized plan for your future.  479-765-0030


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Todd Whatley

Certified Elder Law Attorney

Todd Whatley is a licensed insurance agent and Certified Elder Law Attorney (CELA) with 20 years of experience as an attorney. He is Past President of the National Elder Law Foundation, the ABA approved organization to certify attorneys nationally as Certified Elder Law Attorneys. He has created, managed and sold 3 law firms in Arkansas. He is of Counsel with a number of law firms across the country and is a national speaker and educator on Elder Law issues.


Alison Van Hecke

Senior Real Estate & Move Manager

Alison is recognized as an expert in providing unique, personalized real estate services for seniors and their families. It’s an expertise that started with her experience as a licensed master’s level social worker and senior health care case manager. As she worked with seniors and their families she began noticing a distinct need. Seniors and their families often experience feelings of being overwhelmed, both physically and emotionally, when faced with moving out of their family home. Alison and her team of professionals can help make the moving process easier for everyone involved and provide support throughout the transition. She has extensive policies and strategic tactics that address all of the issues unique to seniors when selling a family house and downsizing.

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Patty Whatley

RN & Medical Services

Trisha Ayers

Senior Resource Manager

Trisha Ayers is originally from England where she majored in Dance and Theatrical Arts. Trisha Graduated with a degree in Dance and traveled the world entertaining mainly senior audiences for 13 years. She moved to NWA 15 years ago and has been connected to Seniors ever since from working in Senior Communities to Adult Day Programs and serving on several boards that have a focus on the senior community. Trisha has spent the last 5 years visiting all the facilities that NWA has to offer. trisha@seniorservicesnwa.com